OLEG DONNER   /   Director of Photography

Oleg Donner is a well recognized professional in the fields of commercial photography. Since 2010 Oleg Donner has successfully collaborated with BMW, Porsche, Deloitte, BMO, CIBC, Ernest Borel, Yamaha, Sherle Wagner, Canada Goose, Kelloggs and others. He started his career in business along with his father Alexander Donner to make it to the top of the watch business. A decade later, inspired by his grandfather, who was a prominent photographer of his day, Oleg decided to take the best of both worlds and apply his marketing knowledge in commercial photography. Other professionals in the industry note Oleg knows what is in trend and what makes the difference. His landmark is a strong focus on details and dedication to every single project he is signing for.

Industry Recognition

Over the past 12 years we’ve been blessed to work with some of the most incredible humans on this planet. From our incredible brides, grooms, event industry peers, videographers, designers, editors, photographers and everyone else, our family has grown into something very special.

Oleg Donner Inc always ranks as the top Wedding Photographer in Canada and many other markets we serve. Being the best photographer means always working harder and pushing the industry forward.

A strong relationship is the foundation to incredible photography. We accomplish our unique approach of storytelling through this fundamental approach of getting to know you. It all starts with the absolute highest level of customer service. Oleg Donner Inc is a complete end-to-end boutique experience. From the moment you step into our studio, you will be greeted by a dedicated event coordinator who will walk you through the entire wedding photography process.

The Donner Family Experience

Your relationship with us is so important to your story that we highly encourage you to get to know your photographer in advance of the wedding. Engagement sessions are the best way we accomplish this.

After the event, we create a very special presentation event at the studio where we share what we captured, and re-live the event in our state of the art presentation theater. We’ll share incredibly well designed album and print options. This is particularly helpful for couples who want to display their photographs in their homes and offices. We call this unique approach “Shooting for design”.

Our Approach

We’re storytellers first and foremost. Our approach is driven by your unique story, who you are, your personal tastes, and design interests. It’s driven by what music you listen to, where you eat, to the places you travel. Each story is unique, our approach is timeless, cool, and has a distinctly designed cinematic approach.